SmartPin® gives GOLFERS and COURSES the opportunity to WIN BIG every day!

Why golfers play SmartPin
  • Nationwide progressive jackpot
  • Multiple ways to win
  • Video verification to share with friends
  • National bragging rights
Why courses want SmartPin
  • Revenue share from every shot
  • Jackpot share from every winner
  • Zero cost to course
  • Eliminate hole-in-one insurance premiums


Ace Golf Technologies LLC is dedicated to creating simple and intuitive tools for course operators to help increase golfer participation and top-line revenue. SmartPin with its National Progressive Hole-In-One Jackpot, Gimme Game and variety of local applications presents a true marketing play. SmartPin offers golfers a chance to win big every day and eliminates the need to ever purchase hole-in-one insurance.

Ace Golf has partnered with Apparation LLC, developers of easy-to-use software that connects golfers with opportunities to play and makes the game more fun, and RDS Technologies, LLC, an engineering technology company that specializes in sensing technologies and custom internet-of-things, artificial intelligence and vision systems. All three companies are headquartered in Minnesota.

PGA Pros & Golf Course Owners

Increase participation! Increase revenue!

Ace Golf Technologies partners with golf facilities and allied associations (for fundraisers and tournaments) in a sharecropper-like arrangement. All revenues generated by SmartPin are shared with the golf facility where revenues are generated. Plus, the facility receives a bonus for any jackpots paid when the golfer uses the SmartPin app at their course!

Golf facilities will love SmartPin videos that showcase their golf course and revenue generated from SmartPin competitions.  

Ace Golf Technologies will provide a SmartPin and supporting materials for FREE, including:

Where To Play

Search for a course near you that participates in the SmartPin National Progressive Hole-In-One Jackpot.

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Grand View Lodge – The Pines  |  Nisswa, MN 56468  |

Grand View Lodge – The Preserve  |  Nisswa, MN 56468  |

Gravel Pit Golf Course  |  Brainerd, MN 56401  |

Oak Glen Golf Course  |  Stillwater, MN 55082  |

Golfers Win Big

SmartPin™ gives GOLFERS the opportunity to WIN BIG every day!

Knock it in and win!
  • $10K base jackpot grows until winner(s)
  • Entry into Sectionals for Million Dollar Shootout
  • National bragging rights
Knock it close and win!
  • $250 base jackpot grows until winner(s)
  • Entry into Locals for Million Dollar Shootout
  • The hole is 321x bigger
Qualify, advance and win!
  • Local, Sectional, National stages with huge payouts
  • Other ways to qualify:
    • Take 20 shots/year
    • Take a shot at 10 courses

CashIT! SmartPin National Progressive Hole-In-One Jackpot is your chance to WIN BIG at participating golf courses. Get the SmartPin AceApp on your smartphone and register and you’re ready to win our daily National Progressive Hole-In-One Jackpot. SmartPin’s Gimme Game and Million Dollar Shootout provide additional opportunities for golfers to cash in!

Step up to the tee at any par-3 equipped with our SmartPin technology, activate the SmartPin through the app and then give it your best swing. Get step-by-step instructions for loading and using the app on your phone here if paying through the Ace app or if here if you are using SmartPin through a text or email sent by the course. Entry fee is $5 per SmartPin attempt. Make a hole in one and you win the jackpot and receive more than enough cash to buy the drinks! It’s that easy! SmartPin automatically records your golf shot and monitors the result all the way into the jar.

Look for a SmartPin golf course near you or ask your PGA professional to partner with SmartPin today. Don’t miss out on a chance to win our SmartPin National Progressive Hole-In-One Jackpot!

Souvenir Videos

Within minutes of their shot, every player receives a souvenir video from their SmartPin attempt.

SmartPin hole in one app

Get Ready to CashIt!

Log in, activate the SmartPin and then take dead aim. Make a hole in one and you’ll cash in on your share of the daily SmartPin National Progressive Hole-In-One Jackpot!


Amazing shots! Best-of-the-best participant golf shots captured by SmartPin.

Contact SmartPin

SmartPins are starting to deliver to golf courses all across the U.S. Contact us today to reserve your SmartPin and learn how to create excitement and better engagement with your golfers and increase operational revenue and eliminate hole-in-one insurance premiums. Please complete the form below and an Ace Golf Technologies representative will be in touch soon. We look forward to bringing SmartPin and the SmartPin National Progressive Hole-In-One Jackpot daily contest to your facility!